I've bought the scenery on the steam market and everything worked perfectly, but when I changed a little thing in the graphic settings, the scenery suddently disappearded. The Steam Library said the scenery was correctly installed but when i cheked on the seetings of FSX SE, the scenery was not here in the "scenery Library".

So I uninstalled the DLC to re install the scenery. In fact I don't really know how to do it, so i don't renember what I exactly did but a download0ing has been launched and I re installed the DLC. Meanwhile, on a librabry of steam, it said that it correctly installed.
But in the game, Nothing happen, the scenary isn't here.

Then, I managed to search on the files of the games where the error may be from. And I found a little program called "scenery helper" in the "DLC" folder. I launched it and it said me to take a screenshot to show you the error code.

So I hope you'll be able to help me [smile]

Thank you

See ya

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