Ok danke Lars. Hoffen wir mal, dass der Airport nächstes Jahr eröffnet 😋
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Lars (29Palms)
Hallo Hannes,

entschuldige bitte ich hab schlicht vergessen auf deinen Post zu antworten weil in der Zeit eine Menge mit dem Shopumzug bei Flightbeam zu tun war...
Ein Update ist noch nicht fest geplant, soll aber mit der Eröffnung des "echten" BER kommen. Federführend wird der Airport von LimeSim entwickelt und
aktualisiert. Weitere Infos schickst du am besten direkt dorthin. Den aktuellen Post werde ich Sascha (LimeSim) zeigen, wenn es ans Update geht. 
An dieser Stelle auf jeden Fall vielen Dank für die Hilfe!!
Best regards,
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Wie sieht es aus @Lars (29Palms)  ? Wird dieser Post einfach ignoriert oder kommt da noch eine Antwort? Ein einfaches "Nein wir werden den Airport nicht updaten."  oder "Wir schauen mal und geben später weitere Infos." würde auch reichen 😉 Einfach nicht antworten ist aber auch keine richtig schöne Lösung ÃƒÆ’°Å¸Ëœâ€°
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the Airport EDDB has now some new taxiways, Terminals and parking stands/Aprons. As they already mentioned that the Northern Terminal will be still used by Ryanair I think it is worth updating the scenery. 
Below are some screenshots of the things that changed over the last months.

eddb update.png  

Part 1: A whole new Apron (Apron 3b) has been added. This means that taxiway J is now taxiway K5 as the original K5 taxiway from the holding bay has been extended up to N1. It is now the parallel taxiway to K4. Taxiways N3 and K6 have been added. Between these two taxiways are new gate (70-74). Taxiway K got extended to N3

Part 2: Apron 3 is used for pushbacks from gates 61-65. The airplanes can now be pushed there and can commence their taxi from this position. But they still use the facing south pushback on N1.

Part 4: Gate 65 has been added now.

Part 3: Gates 28-30 have been added and they are used from Ryanair at night to park their airplanes after their last sector. The area around gate 31 is used as an de-icing pad during winter times. Gate 32 is now between taxiway H and K4.

Part 6: Apron 1 has got some changes as well. This area got a new terminal for the German Government. The apron layout has been changed completely.

Part 5: A new waiting area has been build between gates 55 and 59. It will stay for around 18 months and is mostly used for flights from the 30 gates. It is connected via the jetway from gate 57. Maybe it is a good idea to make an option to enable or disable this terminal as it will probably not stay for every there. Below is a screenshot on how the new terminal is placed in real life. 

eddb new terminal.png 
This picture is from google earth and does to reflect how the terminal looks like now. It just shows how the measurements are and how it is placed.

Bildergebnis für sxf neuer warteraum
Above a plan on what changed the last few months or what will be changed/added soon.

Thanks for reading. It would be really nice to add the new taxiways as the northern part of EDDB will still be used when the BER is open. It would be really nice to get some notice or thoughts about a possible update from the developers. 

Thanks in advance.
Hannes Altmann
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