Lars (29Palms)
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well this certainly does not look right. But I can assure you that the textures aren't the problem. They have been designed to work well with HDR on and off. I myself have HDR activated and the textures aren't that dark (check the product screenshots which have been taken with HDR on). I think the problem are your specific settings and maybe third party shaders, if you have them installed or modified the default shaders? The first screenshot on my screen is way too dark in general, not the buildings alone. But sure, it highly depends on the monitor in use and the personal preference. But there is no easy fix for this problem texture-wise. The only option is tweaking the settings / shaders. Maybe start clean by resetting your shader cache and the lighting settings. Then work your way to a set-up where you're happy with the lighting in every aspect.
Can you attach a screenshot of the lighting tab in the P3D settings please? 
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Hello, I dont know if that´s a problem only for me or for other people as well but in my opinion the EDDN scenery is way too dark when using HDR:
   I think it would look way better like this (Put the brightness up):
   I know that It´s becasue of HDR lighting but I really wouldn´t want to fly to/from EDDN without HDR lighting on.
   So my question is if there is any fix for it or if I really just have to use EDDN without HDR lighting on to get a decent brightness on the scenery.
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