Welcome , Lars !!!
If you need more Photos, I live about about 8 hours north of that Airport, I could drive down with my expensive Sony Camera and take few hundred shots for ya , if need be.
Seems like a really interesting airport and its not been accurately made for flight simulator yet, with any great detail , didn't find anything on any of the 4 major Flight Sim sites anyway,,, as far as Freeware either.
So, it would make a great Vintage Payware Airport, I think,,, hope the Videos give ya sum insight into the Vintage Airport and its unique old time buildings Hanger turned into a 50 room Hotel, for Pilots with an old fashioned 1940's era Diner sitting right next door to the Hanger Hotel, and with a 5,000ft Runway, be perfect place to land DC-3's DC-6's , War Birds, Small private Jets & experimental powered Aircraft .

I can already see a 1940's Spartan Aircraft landing there, from Milton Schupe collection, or a Vintage Piper Tri-Pacer from lionheart creations  
or even the new vintage 1940's Globe Swift that Aeroplane Heaven recently just released !!!!
even Carenado's Aircraft too !!!

It was just a thought, be nice to see it made, its a smaller unique airport which I prefer to Fly out of, I don't like the Bigger Mega Airports , to hard on my Frame rates with Detailed Aircraft !!!!!! 
OK - Thanks on my way to Wendover, Utah USA where they hid the Famous WW-II Bomber, the Engola Gay, before sending it on its Bombing Mission to Japan in the 1940's.
Wendover Link : 



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Lars (29Palms)
Thanks for the tip, this really is a very nice and interesting airport! [smile]
Best regards,
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Airport I'd like to see made for ALL Flight Simmers [smile]  FSX !!!!
Location : Richardson, Texas , USA / Gillespie County Airport
ICAO: T82 

Just Southwest of San Antonio, Texas 
Runway : 5,000ft
Hanger Hotel Link : 
Additional Link : 
Additional Link : 

1940's Hanger Hotel Video : 

Hanger Hotel Video : 

Hanger Hotel Video :

Hanger Hotel & Diner Photos 






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