I am having some VERY extensive issues with my KTNP scenery. I get a CTD whenever my sim finishes loading the scenario. The load screen will disappear, but it will stay black. I can hear the bird chirping loop (I have the eagle enabled) but after about 10 seconds P3Dv4.4 crashes. I made sure my scenery library order was good with KTNP Libraries on top of KTNP Airport. When that didn’t work I went through the Avsim CTD steps. The logged crash is KernelBase.dll every time. I have enjoyed my KTNP scenery for four years but it just now started this. It happened after I installed A2A Accu-Feelv2 but oddly enough I can spawn at any airport just fine except for KTNP. The airport seems to not like Accu-Feel. I can uninstall Accu-Feel and my KTNP works all of the sudden but if I reinstall it I get crashes. But only with KTNP. Any other airport is just fine. 
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