Ahh that's unfortunate. The sale ended on the 22nd so I had to take a chance. Ended up getting it. Hopefully the upgrade price won't be too onerous!
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Lars (29Palms)
Hey thanks for your message 🙂
The version for Prepar3D v4 + v5 will in most parts be a re-development using the latest techniques. 
Therefore it won't be free since a lot of work goes into it. Customers of Mykonos X will get a discount for sure, the amount hasn't been decided yet though.
Since Mykonos X isn't compatible with Prepar3D v4+ you should probably wait for the new version and save a few bucks 😉 
Best regards,
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Hi guys,
Just noticed that Mykonos is on sale at Simmarket and I know that you are working on the P3D4 update. I suspect the answer is yes but just want to be sure, but will the update to V4 be a free one for existing owners?

If so then I think I'll grab it now and wait for the V4 update 🙂

Many thanks

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