Hi Lars,

I just replied to the support email.  The file worked great and everything looks fantastic!!  thank you guys very much!
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Lars (29Palms)
Hi Jeff,

sorry for the delay, I'm currently on vacation and catch up with all the e-mails every second day 😉
I think I have just replied to your mail.

So the issue is that ORBX overrides the default autogen completely (Prepar3D v4/Autogen/default.xml).
The AutogenConfigurationMerger (ACM) which Skiathos uses, is supposed to avoid this problem by merging all the custom autogen into the default autogen
instead of overriding it.
Ultimately, there are two solutions: Add the autogen tag to the add-on.xml of Skiathos as well, which looks like this:

    <Path>C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\29Palms\29Palms - LGSK - Skiathos\autogen</Path>
    <Name>29Palms - LGSK - Skiathos</Name>

IMPORTANT: Make sure the RED part of the path points to your Prepar3D v4 installation directory. Adjust it accordingly.

This tag can be inserted into the add-on.xml of Skiathos using Notepad for example.
The add-on.xml can be found at "Documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-Ons/29Palms - LGSK - Skiathos"

For those not comfortable editing this file on their own, please send an e-mail using the Scenery Configurator.
Click on the paperplane-icon in the upper right corner and on the dialog select "Attach Simulator Files".

The alternative is removing the autogen-tag from the ORBX sceneries so ACM can merge them into the default autogen, just like other sceneries which come with their own custom autogen.
The autogen tag of ORBX looks like this:

Best regards,
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I know this has been posted before.  

I just installed Skaithos and I don't see any autogen.  I've read the other threads and just sent an email to support and tried the suggestions int he FAQs, etc..  I have updated to the new ORBX central 4 which has caused numerous scenery layering issues.

Wondering if any other users out there are still having issues with this airport.


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