Thanks for considering!
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Lars (29Palms)
Hi Erik,

due to the release of P3D5 it has been quite hectic behind the scenes lately 😉 
Thank you for the AFX file! I think I can release this as a quick update the coming week, or the week after. I will do my best!
It definitely makes sense since it's a significant change.

Have a nice weekend!
Best regards,
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Hi Lars, I know you are busy with the update of Skiathos, but I also found that the runway numbers have changed from 02/20 to 01/19 (AIRAC 2004). I can change the AFCAD file myself, but not the textures. Are you willing to give a small update, or will this only be featured in the new version of Skiathos?

I have attached my updated AFCAD file:
- Updated runway numbers
- Updated runway taxi links
- Updated start locations


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