thank you, Lars for quick answer.Now I'm reassured that there's nothing wrong with my config.
And...keep on making  such wonderful sceneries !
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Lars (29Palms)
Hi Patrick,

thanks for your kind comment about the scenery!
The windsock indicated the usual wind direction and speed at Samos which is around 310°.
The windsock can't respond to the real wind direction as in most sceneries, we would need an external
module for that which would read the wind direction and then inject the windsock. 
I'm looking into that for the future or use an alternative like SODE - but it would always require the installation
of that module and constant updates of it for every release of P3D.
Best regards,
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first, congrats for this wonderful scenery ! I've been several times to Samos and it's realy realy (bis) nice !(wished that your scenery covered the whole island, that would be...).
I have realy just one question and it's about the windsock : it's moving up and down but seems to point always in the same direction.Is there something wrong ?
FSX and AS2016 for weather.
Patrick Dochy
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