Lars (29Palms)
I'm really glad to see you here Sid and once again thank you for your kind feedback! [smile]
Like I already mentioned in the other thread, I'm sure that you will like what we are up to next - Samos
and an update for Skiathos. I'm already looking forward to implement nice animated people and road traffic around
the airport and the famous final approach of Skiathos.

I always appreciate feedback, no matter whether it is positive or negative. You're all free to say your opinion.
For example I read some comments from german flight sim enthusiast who are wondering why we decided to develop a small
desert airport instead of a german airfield or airport since we don't really have top-notch sceneries here in Germany. 
Well, I can understand them! And I'm sure that I will do a project here in Germany soon. The decision to develop KTNP was quite
simple: When developing a scenery its not about the most popular airport and biggest market share and possible income for me, 
it's about getting excited about a project and explore places which I haven't been to before. Simple as that [smile]
Best regards,
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Just perfect guys! Every feature of that roadmap is just perfect and so user-friendly and useful Lars! I love it! I'd like you to know and have my promise that any comments or feedback I ever give, whether positive (or negative which I can't easily imagine happening very often at all) will always only be in the spirit of being supportive and constructive to 29 Palms, one of my favourite developers, if not my favourite!

Congratulations on your wonderful start on a whole new journey and user experience 29 Palms!
I'm with you all the way guys! [smile]

With kindest regards,
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Lars (29Palms)
Welcome to the forum! Here's our roadmap for the next months:
  • Our WEBSHOP has been launched a few weeks ago.
  • It has been introduced along with the release of a freeware tool for developers, the
    CUSTOM SCENERY CONFIGURATOR . It can be used for non-commercial projects and allows simple control of scenery files via XML editing. This makes it possible for everyone to switch seasons or provide certain levels and density of detail.
  • The shop provides high quality 3D MODELS which can be used in scenery projects, rendering, architectural visualization etc.
  • Back to our roots - the next scenery will be TWENTYNINE PALMS AIRPORT. A beautiful airport located in a desert, close to major hubs such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palm Springs.
  • Right after that we will start working on SAMOS which will be completed over the winter. We expect an early spring release.
  • Afterwards we will take care of our very successful add-ons SKIATHOS and MYKONOS. They will get a complete overhaul. Skiathos gets an additional apron according to our greek contact Kyprianos Biris. We'll include that and much more. Also expect Prepar 3D v2.4 (or even v3?) compatibility.
  • We're also proud to introduce our new SCENERY MANAGER. You'll be able to control all our sceneries with one tool, just a tab-switch away. That tool will also provide a build-in updater.
Best regards,
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